King's Pewter

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16 Mar
What is a pewter product?
Pewter was first used around the beginning of the Bronze Age in the Near East. The earliest known piece of pewter was found in an Egyptian tomb, c. 1450 BC, but it is unlikely that this was the first use of the material. Pewter was used for decorative metal items and tableware in ancient times by the Egyptians and later the[…]

Pewter Types

12 Mar
Pewter Types
Pewter Types In antiquity pewter was tin alloyed with lead and sometimes copper. Older pewters with higher lead content are heavier, tarnish faster, and oxidation have a darker silver-gray color. Pewters containing lead are no longer used in items that will come in contact with the human body (such as cups, plates, or jewelry) due to the toxicity[…]
25 Feb
How to Clean Pewter
How to Clean Pewter One of the most desirable aspects of pewter is that it does not need to be polished often since it does not tarnish like silver. The patina of pewter tends to slowly and evenly darken over time adding to its appeal. Regular washing is necessary, of course, to remove food particles[…]